Posted by: Sacha Brakenbury | January 4, 2012

3H Fund Grant Programme – Holidays for Disabled People. Respite for Carers.

Depending upon incoming funds, 3H Fund has a grant programme to assist disabled people (whether physically or mentally disabled) their families and carers, on low income, to organise a modest holiday for themselves. Grants are given for the accommodation part of a holiday and the holiday must be taken in the UK.

The programme is open to applicants throughout the UK although some funding donated to 3H Fund has to be spent in specific regions.   Applicants are asked to complete an application form and submit it with evidence of disability and low income.  Full details are found in the guidance notes which accompany the form.

We liaise with social workers and other caring organisations to assist applicants and, when possible, to identify those needing assistance.

Most funding is for individuals and their families, however a few larger grants are awarded to groups organising holidays for their disabled members or carers.

Give us a call if you need any support in applying. Details on our Contact page.

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